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Open House

At the disAbility Law Center of Virginia, we get to take part in important work on behalf of Virginians with disabilities all year long. Our clients and their stories constantly inform and inspire us, shaping us into more effective advocates.

Come visit us on October 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. You will get to hear our clients’ stories and about some of the services we provide, speak with our staff and enjoy some light hors d’oeuvres in our office at:

 1512 Willow Lawn Drive, Suite, 100

Richmond, VA 23230.

 To RSVP, please be sure to contact Rick Hurley at Rick.Hurley@dlcv.org or at

Pathways Through Special Education in Virginia


To find more detailed information on special education, order your copy of the Pathways Through Special Education in Virginia for $14.95 plus shipping.


A unique opportunity to support the rights of people with disabilities in Virginia.

The disAbility Law Center of Virginia Foundation was created to fill a desperate need in Virginia, the need to protect and advance the rights of all Virginians with disabilities.

Each year, hundreds of children with disabilities struggle to receive an appropriate education, thousands of people who rely on caretakers experience abuse or neglect, and countless individuals with disabilities are denied necessary medical services.

The disAbility Law Center of Virginia (dLCV) is the state’s designated agency to provide legal representation and rights advocacy to help those people. dLCV provides information on disability law issues to thousands of Virginians and represents more than 400 such individuals each year. But with very limited resources, dLCV can not meet the needs of all and must turn down representation to more than a thousand people every year!

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