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Darrel Tillar Mason Excellence in Advocacy Award

Darrel Tillar Mason Excellence in Advocacy Award 
Statement of Qualifications for Nomination

The disAbility Law Center of Virginia’s (dLCV) mission is to advance independence, choice and self-determination; protect legal, human and civil rights; and eliminate abuse, neglect and discrimination of people with disabilities through zealous and uncompromising legal advocacy and representation.   The disAbility Law Center of Virginia Foundation (dLCVF) was created to financially support and publicly promote the work of the dLCV.

A nominee for the Foundation’s Darrel Tillar Mason Excellence in Advocacy Award should have demonstrated by his or her advocacy effective support of the principles embodied in the mission of the disAbility Law Center of Virginia. The nominator should specify which aspects of the dLCV’s mission have been the focus of the nominee’s advocacy in housing.

The selection committee recognizes the importance of a family member’s tireless advocacy for his or her family member with a disability.  Likewise, we recognize the importance of dedicated workers employed by agencies, companies, or organizations who faithfully serve individuals with disabilities.  However, we are seeking to bestow this award on an individual who has gone beyond doing a great job for a family member or employer. The committee is interested in honoring an individual whose advocacy or representation has had an impact on the larger disability community.

This impact could be related to local, state or national policies and/or regulation. For example, an elected official who championed a policy or regulation benefitting the disability community, or a lobbyist who educated elected officials and motivated the introduction of the positive policy or regulation, or a private citizen who worked to encourage public support for the policy or regulation, would all be worthy nominees.

Similarly, the desired impact could be related to judicial precedent that benefits members of the disability community.  For example, an attorney who undertook a case wherein it was necessary to persuade the court to expand past legal interpretations to eliminate a less obvious instance of discrimination against an individual with a disability would be a worthy nominee.

The selection committee will give favorable consideration to individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the principles embodied in the mission of the dLCV over a sustained period.


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